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The investor relationship forges client passion with an advisor's depth and capacity to care. Money is a vehicle. Yet, wealth management is a journey requiring hard work, discipline, and dogged monitoring. We build durable portfolios focused on tax-sensible income and growth. Our team delivers white-glove service to our clients, their businesses, and their families. 

Seasoned clients have inquired as to our minimums for legacies. We welcome youth and all who value a secure future. We are challenged by Manhattan firms regarding our scale in representing high net-worth individuals, endowments, and foundations. Our answer is simple . . . take the trolley from Madison Square Garden to Route 128; we are exactly 242 miles from Wall Street to Main Street in Norwell, Massachusetts. We are a value-oriented, fee-sensitive firm. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Sean Brown will resolve to monitor your wealth. . . accumulation, preservation, and distribution.

We are fortified by the strength of Commonwealth Financial Network®, committed to a model of careful, organic growth.